About us

ORIVO is a laboratory company located in Norway, with partnering labs strategically located around the world. Through a lab test based on a fingerprinting technology, we offer a verification service to the marine ingredients industry. Our service is mainly aimed at the ingredient producers and brand owners, and we deliver a unique verification of the authenticity of a marine ingredient, either in the form of a certificate or as a verification seal on finished products.


The founders of ORIVO have both their scientific background from the well renowned Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim, Norway. Both are passionate entrepreneurs with a solid background from relevant, and complementary business fields.

Svein Erik Haugmo


Erik Fuglseth



Marit Elise Tveeikrem

Laboratory Manager

our supporters

We are proud to also have a small handful of highly esteemed pioneers from the marine industry in our team. Both Dr Andrew Jackson, Mr Nils Christian Jensen and Mr Thomas Clough, who serves on our advisory board, and Chairman of our Board, Mr. Arne Alnæs, are all true ground breakers which have played important roles in developing and shaping the marine ingredients business into the great industry it is today.

On the technical side, we are delighted to have Dr Marit Aursand serve on our board. She has over 20 years of experience in developing the fingerprinting technology which forms the core of our unique authenticity testing concept, and is of course a valuable source of knowledge for ORIVO. She currently holds the position as Research Director in SINTEF Ocean, a department within Scandinavia´s largest R&D institute, SINTEF, which is ORIVOS largest R&D partner.

Dr Marit Aursand

Dr Marit Aursand