Orivo Logo


The ORIVO logo on a product is a guarantee that the product is:

1. Made of real marine sources (such as salmon oil, salmon meal, anchovy oil, cod liver oil, krill oil)

2. From a specific region (such as Norway, Alaska, Peru, Iceland, New Zealand etc.)

Orivo concept

A very important part of our concept is to make sure that we test the same product as you buy. The ORIVO logo is therefore based on testing of products which our third party inspectors are buying in the shop - in addition to continuous sampling from the brand owner´s production.

Orivo Technology


To be able to determine a marine ingredient´s origin, we have based our test on a fingerprinting technology which can distinguish different sources with uniquely high accuracy. We have built a strong database of known fingerprints using reference samples from a lot of different species from around the world. This database is very valuable to us and we are expanding it with new species from new areas practically every day.

New products are constantly appearing in the store shelves around the world. Some are what they claim to be, others are not. For that reason we are always looking to improve and expand our technological basis to be able to deliver a safe and reliable verification service, which can make consumers feel safe about the origin of the products they are buying.


Together with our client Golden Omega, we have made this promotional video, explaining our concept quite well.