The company

ORIVO is a laboratory company located in Norway, offering the worlds first and only origin certification of food, feed and supplement ingredients based on laboratory testing. Ingredient producers and brand owners around the world have recognised the ORIVO certification and testing methodology as the new level of third party ingredient verification. Through strategically selected partnering labs we test products and ingredients with our own unique fingerprinting technology, presented in the form of a certificate or as the ORIVO origin certification logo on consumer ready omega-3 products.

the Logo

An example of the ORIVO product logo for omega-3 supplements

An example of the ORIVO product logo for omega-3 supplements

The ORIVO logo guarantees that:

1. A product´s ingredients are authentic.

2. Label claims regarding geographical area of catch/farm are truthful.

If you care about the source, choose products with the ORIVO logo.


Together with our client Biotics Research, we have made this promotional video, explaining our concept quite well.


Sometimes, the consumers have questions for us. These are some of our frequently asked question. Please visit this page to see them.


The founders

ORIVO was founded in 2013 by Svein Erik Haugmo and Erik Fuglseth, two dedicated Norwegian entrepreneurs with a passion for laboratory testing. Both hold solid formal degrees in chemistry and between them they represent several years of experience from the laboratory industry and from the marine ingredient industry. Svein Erik and Erik are still a part of the ORIVO-management team, working relentlessly every day for a more transparent and authentic (ingredient) industry.