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1 Is ORIVO a manufacturer of products

No. ORIVO is an independent certification body and testing laboratory offering its services to manufacturers of omega-3 products, pet food and animal feed. Consumers will find the ORIVO certification logo on the label of selected omega-3 supplements around the world.

2 What are the benefits of buying an ORIVO certified product??

You can be sure to take a supplement with a known origin as stated directly in the ORIVO logo found on your certified product. As the only in the world, the ORIVO certification is based on actual laboratory testing of consumer ready products. This means i particular no potentially red-listed and/or not sustainably sourced fish or other marine ingredients not stated on the ingredient list of your product. In other words: You can be sure you are getting what you are paying for.

3 Is the ORIVO logo a proof for quality?

Yes and no. Even though the ORIVO testing technology is highly sophisticated, it is only telling WHICH species the supplement is made of, not if this particular species is either sustainable or of good quality. However, brand owners willing to be fully transparent about their ingredient sourcing have most likely chosen a sustainable, high quality source. Hence, the ORIVO product logo will in the wast majority of cases be a verification of sustainability and quality.

4 I have bought an omega-3 product WITHOUT the ORIVO logo and want to know the origin. Can I get it tested?

Yes, we can check the origin of a fish oil for you. The service we offer is to check if your oil matches any of the species in our reference database. Please contact us to find out if the target species is available in our database.