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1 What is ORIVO, and what are the benefits of an ORIVO certification?

ORIVO is short for origin verification of omega-3, and a certification company from Norway famous for establishing the world´s first omega-3 product logo focused on a product´s marine source. Today ORIVO is offering certification services for pet food and aquaculture feed ingredients in addition to omega-3 supplements. The main advantage is that all certifications involve ingredient traceability based on unique fingerprinting technologies. These are developed in close collaboration with world leading R&D environments and ORIVO takes pride in being at the forefront globally when it comes to precision and detection limits.

2 Who can be ORIVO certified? Is the certification available in all parts of the world?

All honest and responsible ingredient producers and brands are eligible for the ORIVO certification provided that they fulfil the certification process. There are no geographical limitations, so the ORIVO certification is available worldwide.

3 What makes ORIVO distinct from other certification schemes?

The main advantage is that all ORIVO certifications involve ingredient traceability based on unique fingerprinting technologies. From the very start we decided that documents and audits are not enough, all certifications should have the extra level of documentation based on actual laboratory testing of products or ingredients. Companies often choose MSC or Friend of the Sea sustainability certification and IFOS for product quality. ORIVO is chosen to certify a sustainable, high quality marine source – so basically ORIVO can replace the others.

4 How do I apply for the ORIVO certification?

If you give us a brief description of your product and your contact details here, a member of the ORIVO will get in touch shortly to walk you through the simple application process.

5 When can the certification process start, and how long does it take until approval?

The certification process typically starts within 24 hours after a company has decided to apply for the certification. Depending on the nature of the product to be certified (value chain, product composition etc.), the process can last from three to twelve weeks.

6 Can all forms of omega-3 be certified? How about other marine ingredients?

Yes. The ORIVO fingerprinting technology also works for EE’s and rTG’s if the refiner has certified its feed. Please contact us to find out if your concentrate supplier is in the process of getting certified. Most marine ingredients can be certified. If you have not seen a similar product with the ORIVO logo yet, that only means that your company may be the first in your market to put authenticity on the agenda!

7 Why do we need to send a sample from every production batch?

A very important part of our concept is to make sure that we test the same product as the consumers buy. This means, if a production batch is available for sale, it should also be made available to ORIVO for testing. Sending a sample from every production batch also helps Mr. Mystery Shopper to discover if someone is distributing a fake copy of your product.

8 How can you be sure clients are sending authentic samples?

You cannot. That is why ORIVO has introduced the extra level of sample collection trust – the Mystery Shopper concept. Through our metaphor, Mr Mystery Shopper, we purchase the certified product through our client´s normal sales channels and include these samples to the annual certification program – and our clients never know when Mr Mystery Shopper goes shopping.

9 ‭What does the ORIVO Test No included in the logo mean?

The ORIVO TestNo is the link between your certified product and the online certificate. The online certificate holds information about species, area of origin, and batch numbers, which enables the consumers to check for themselves if the product they have bought is authentic. (See example HERE).

10 What happens if a business is found to be in violation of the standard after they have been certified?

We believe in communication, so the first thing we do is alert the company and open a dialogue to make sure all parties have understood the situation. Depending on the nature of the certified product we then conduct a series of steps where the certified company is given the opportunity to correct the deviation within a certain time limit.

11 What is the cost of an ORIVO certification?

Since the main part (and cost) of the ORIVO certification is product testing, the pricing is based on an annual fee per certified product. And since larger volumes require more testing, the cost per SKU varies with the annual production volume. Smaller SKUs typically starts at an annual cost of 5000 EUR per year, all testing and audit work included. Please give us a brief description of your product and your contact details here, and a member of the ORIVO team will get in touch shortly with a price proposal.

12 We are not ready for a certification yet but would like to check the origin of a fish oil sample. Is this possible to order as a separate service?

Yes, it is possible to order a single test from us. The service we offer is to screen for matches in our reference database. This means we can either verify the origin for you or confirm that the oil is from a different origin than what it claims to be. Please contact us to find out if the claimed origin is available in our database.

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