AquaOmega North-America´s first ORIVO certified sports nutrition brand

Product photo AquaOmega Standard.png

AquaOmega premium omega-3 supplements are now the first sports nutrition brand in North-America carrying the ORIVO origin certification allowing them to claim a pure and fully traceable omega-3 source.

The verification of AquaOmega's Omega 3 source is done by the only reliable product authenticity test for omega-3 supplements available. The Orivo pure origin testing has been developed over the last two decades by the Norwegian certification body ORIVO. This test is able to trace an omega-3 supplement back to the marine species and the region from which it was caught.

AquaOmega is proud to have all its products carry the ORIVO origin logo, claiming Pure Anchovy source from the cold waters off the coast of South America. This sustainable, high-quality omega-3 source fits well in line with the values set for the AquaOmega products:

“The AquaOmega difference is all about finding the best and most sustainable sources of omega-3 available. When developing our premium omega 3 products we found a lot of confusing label claims from other companies indicating non-sustainable, low-quality multi species omega-3 sources. For AquaOmega it was therefore of high importance to find and develop the best source of omega-3 and ensure full visibility and traceability for our customers with the ORIVO certification." says Max Marion, Founder and president of AquaOmega.

ORIVO is very happy to develop such a valuable relationship with AquaOmega in the very important North American omega-3 market. “To kick off the sports nutrition segment in North America with a market leader like Aquaomega is of course very satisfying. Our certifications do not only include product submitted to us by the company, but we take it a step further and we purchase what we call a “mystery shopper sample” from our client´s retail channels and add this to the testing program as well. This was easily done with AquaOmega as you can find their products in all the best Health Food stores and also on Amazon” says Svein Erik Haugmo, CEO of ORIVO.

ORIVO offers rigorous testing programs with random analysis and mandatory next-level checkpoints, batch certifications, product verifications (with possibility to use the verification logo on the label), as well as product screening and benchmarking. All services have special sampling routines solving third-party sampling challenges. With brands like AquaOmega leading the way, it is our hope that our Origin certification becomes a staple in the omega-3 market, of which consumers will be able to buy products with full confidence knowing that what is labeled on the bottle is actually what is in their product.