Golden Omega

"Transparency and authenticity about the origin of the resources utilized in the dietary supplement products are becoming key factors for the new generations of consumers, because they want to know exactly what is into the products that they are consuming. We have been using and guaranteeing exclusively anchovy from the South Pacific into all our Omega-3 concentrate products. With the Orivo technology we are in position to test it and certify it, which is a great addition to our value proposition." - Claudio Aracena, Sales Manager of Golden Omega



Enervit strongly believes in quality and sustainability and adding to our main product the ORIVO certification, will give to EnerZona Omega3 RX one more important value for customers who are looking for uncompromising quality.” - Lucia Viale, Marketing Director of EnerZona


Biotics Research Corporation

Having a certification that shows our fish oil is, in fact, coming from sustainable sources is very important to us, and partnering with Orivo to establish authenticity in our fish oil sourcing is a natural fit for Biotics Research.” - Denis De Luca, President, Biotics Research Corporation


Pesquera la Portada


"During the recent years, we have seen a clear trend among pet owners that they care more and more about the composition and the origin of the pet food they are buying. As a response to this we want to help our clients, the pet food producers, to ensure consumers that the salmon meal they are buying is 100% authentic. With ORIVO we have found an independent 3rd party which can help us document just the type of information the consumers are looking for in a way which is both reliable and easy to communicate." - Magdalena Errázuriz, International Sales Manager, Pesquera la Portada