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Antarctic Waters

Product details: This product consists of pure krill oil (Euphausia superba) based on “Superba 2” from Aker Biomarine.

Product availability: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Package type: Can with 30, 60 and 90 units

The certified company:
Name: NYO3 Norge
Phone: +47 21382965
Web: www.nyo3.com

The certified batches:

Batch # Expire date
U209098 27/04/2026
U209097 26/04/2026
U209096 06/04/2026
U206017 05/04/2026
M2355 22/06/2026
M2354 22/06/2026
U204033 22/02/2026
U204032 21/02/2026
U203006 21/02/2026
U203119 09/02/2026

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About the brand owner

NYO3, originating from Nordic Norway, is a high-end dietary nutrition brand in Norway. Adhering to the concept of sustainable development, loyal to the quality of natural raw materials, European pharmaceutical standards, and recyclable packaging, we are committed to combining Norway’s unique active substances with modern technology to deliver the Nordic concept of healthy life.

NYO3 products cover 9 categories including heart and brain care, liver care, metabolic regulation, joint care, beauty and beauty, women’s health, healthy eyes, intestinal nutrition, stress relief and sleep aid..

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About krill from Antarctic waters

In omega-3 oils extracted from Antarctic krill the essential fatty acids is bound to water-soluble phospholipids. Among others they also are high on the very potent antioxidant Astaxanthin, hence the deep red colour. The fishery is taking place in specific - and highly monitored to prevent overfishing - areas in ice cold waters surrounding Antarctica. This, combined with very agile harvesting techniques, makes the krill fishery especially well managed and sustainable.

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