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Why get verified?

There are many good reasons why you should use evidence-based transparency to verify the origin of your ingredients and products if you are in the food or feed industry. Here are some aspects you should consider.

Testing of fish oil in laboratory

Transparency is profitable

Transparency is a key factor for achieving increased sales and improved profit margins. A consumer market study performed by Pure Branding, showed that 73% of respondents would be more likely to pay more for a product they believe to be more transparent. Origin verification from ORIVO provides premium producers and brands with an opportunity to distinguish themselves in the industry. And we know it works. You can read about how our customers have increased their sales by focusing on evidence-based transparency here.

Consumers care

Consumer behaviour has changed drastically the past few years. One important reason for this change is that consumers are becoming more aware that modern supply-chains are increasing in complexity. Raw materials are being sourced from across the globe, often through multiple middlemen. Modern consumers understand that fraud is happening and that paper documents can and are being tampered with. They are worried they are not getting the products they think they are paying for. ORIVO´s origin verification program is designed to rebuild consumer trust through evidence-based transparency.

False label claims will be expensive

Some companies are tempted to cheat with their label claims or product specifications. The view to a short-term profit seems like a big reward for taking a small risk. However, reporting false label claims is a serious matter which is strictly illegal, and the risk of lawsuits can be imminent. But worse than the consequence of being convicted in a lawsuit is the consequence of losing the trust of your consumers and clients. As a brand, the most valuable thing you have is your reputation, make sure you build it up instead of tearing it down.