Aquaculture feed

Aquaculture is a global industry with an extreme focus on sustainability. The aquaculture feed producers are sourcing raw materials for their products from all over the world, often through complex supply chains. Fish farmers and retailers see this as a potential risk and they are therefore demanding very detailed traceability documentation.

Our solution for aquaculture feed producers

ORIVO´s advanced technology can add important value in the entire value chain, from raw material to finished feed. Through the ORIVO certification, feed producers are able to verify their supply chain and provide their customers with an extra level of assurance and traceability.

In ORIVO we believe that laboratory analysis is a necessity if you want to know for sure what your feed ingredient or product contains and you need to have an analysis method that works and provides you with the answers you are searching for. We use Next Generation DNA sequencing, which is highly applicable for measurement of species in complex samples such as feed-related products.

“Securing responsible sourcing of marine ingredients is of utmost importance to BioMar. Verifying the identity of the fish species in our marine ingredients with ORIVO’s testing platform, adds an extra level of assurance of sustainability and traceability in our supply chain. We believe that validation is essential in building stakeholder trust and through ORIVO’s science-based approach we are able to produce feed with improved transparency and traceability.”

– Morten Holdorff Møjbæk, Global Sourcing Director at BioMar Group