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Fresh salmon fillet with herbs, spices and lemon

Seafood fraud is an extensive issue. The entire value chain is at risk and reports show that seafood production is ranked among the top food product categories subject to fraud. Investigations conducted by the non-profit organization Oceana and the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO, show that about a third of all fish and seafood products we are eating worldwide are mislabeled. Seafood fraud comes in different forms, and the most common ones are:

  • Putting the wrong species and/or geographic origin on the product label.
  • Claiming organic when it’s not.
  • Selling farmed fish as more expensive wild-caught fish. Either due to supply chain shortage or solely economically motivated.

Our solution for seafood companies

In a highly competitive industry such as the seafood industry, honest producers will benefit from being transparent and emphasise their focus on traceability. Differentiating your products through a seafood verification program and/or third party testing of your supply chain will be a unique guarantee to consumers that you offer authentic seafood! And this will increase your profitability. 

ORIVO’s new and revolutionary laboratory testing methodology is able to verify organic/non organic seafood, country of origin and distinguish farmed from wild caught fish.

From time to time we monitor the market for fake seafood products through so-called market screenings. Please click the button below to check our latest screening: