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Product name:

Omega3-D3 Plus

Test number:


Tested and confirmed species:


Tested and confirmed origin:

South Pacific

Product details: This product consists of pure omega-3 rTG-concentrate with 50 % EPA and 20 % DHA.

Product availability: Switzerland

Package type: Can with 60 units.

The verified company:
Name: Lindaren med AG
Phone: +41 (0) 840 000 200
Web: www.lindarenmed.ch

The verified batches:

Batch #Expiry date
1030006 26/04/2026
1120013 26/04/2026
1110051 17/01/2025
0400027 31/05/2023

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About the brand owner

For more than 20 years we have been committed to products of the highest quality! People are all unique and our uniqueness deserves respect and recognition, both from the outside and from ourselves. If supplementation is required, it is extremely important that it is coordinated precisely with this in mind. We let ourselves be inspired by the often undiscovered secrets of nature and pay attention to the high quality of the raw materials. At Lindaren Med we only offer products that we personally believe in!

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About anchovy from the South Pacific

Omega-3 oils extracted from South Pacific anchovy is one of the sources with the highest content of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. The fishery is taking place along the entire Peruvian coast and the northern part of Chile´s coastline. Both countries have strict authorities with quota systems ensuring a well managed and sustainable harvest of the fishing stocks.

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