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Product name:

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Test number:


Tested and confirmed species:


Tested and confirmed origin:

North American coastline

Product details: This product consists predominantly of Wild Alaskan Salmon, enriched with Atlantic Salmon.

Product availability: USA

Package type: Bottle with 8 oz, 16 oz and 32 oz.

The verified company:
Name: Natural Dog Company
E-mail: Bark@naturaldog.com
Web: www.naturaldog.com

The verified batches:

Batch #Expiry date
PRP402865 07/2025
PRP402784 07/2025
PRP402751B 06/2025
PRP402751A 06/2025
PRP402750A 06/2025
PRP402750 06/2025
PRP402752 06/2025
PRP402709 04/2025
PRP402572 04/2025
PRP402513 03/2025

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About the brand owner

Our founder developed a deep love for animals from a very young age. Later in life, some unexpected health issues led her to adopt an all-natural, toxin-free lifestyle. Following that lifestyle adjustment, she decided to attend college to become a Nutrition Consultant & Master Herbalist. She took all she learned from her holistic healing journey and began applying practices and techniques to her own dog’s healthcare.Finally, blending her two passions of natural healing and animals, Natural Dog Company was founded. Our team of dog-lovers continues to produce the highest-quality, 100% natural solutions for dogs of every age, size, breed, & gender.

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About Wild Alaskan salmon

One of the most valued sources of omega-3 among consumers is the wild Alaskan salmon. The Alaska salmon fishery is a well managed fishery and is a nearly ubiquitous activity across Alaska. However, the most valuable salmon fisheries are in the Bristol Bay, Prince William Sound and Southeast regions. This category of omega-3 is based on the off-cuts from the species involved in the commercial fishery: Chinook, Sockeye, Coho, Pink and Chum. Meaning that the wild Alaskan salmon oil category is a mixture of oil extracted from these five species.

About Atlantic salmon

Farmed salmon from the Atlantic is among the most sustainable sources of marine ingredients. Farmed salmon as food for humans has the lowest carbon footprint of any main livestock protein and UN and other international experts have acknowledged, aquaculture provides one of the best solutions to feeding the world’s burgeoning population in the years to come. Salmon oil and salmon meal is made from the nutritious offcuts from the salmon production and leads to a 100 % utilisation of the fish - making the world class salmon sustainability story even better!

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