The ORIVO certification invalid for all Aquaomega products!

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GOED member ORIVO is the only company in the world to offer producers and brands a lab-based technology to validate the source (origin and species) of omega-3 oils. Due to breach of agreement, we would like to notify the omega-3 market that we have terminated our commercial relationship with the now bankrupt Canadian company, Paleoethics, Inc.

As a consequence, all products under the Aquaomega brand currently carrying the ORIVO logo, are hereby de-certified. As of today, ORIVO is not responsible for, nor will we guarantee the species and origin for any product under the Aquaomega brand carrying the ORIVO logo.

Any questions may be addressed to Svein Erik Haugmo, CEO at ORIVO,

This range of Aquaomega products from Paleoethics Inc. is as of 20. March 2020 de-certified

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