Consumer awareness fuels transformation in pet supplement market

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Our Sales Manager, Benedicte Garnes, has attended various pet trade shows in the US this year and has noted a new trend in the market. The demand for pet supplements has increased as pet parents become more aware of the benefits of supplements and they care as much about their animal’s health as their own. This change in consumer demand is partly the reason for a shift in the market: From single-origin pet supplements products based on pure wild Alaskan salmon to products based on wild Alaskan salmon blended with other sources.

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High demand for wild Alaskan salmon oil

With rapidly growing demand for wild Alaskan salmon oil, there is not enough raw material to cover the market need. This has resulted in a high degree of fraud, but the light in the tunnel is that some brands have chosen to offer blended products also focusing on other sustainable, high-quality raw materials to ensure a steady supply of products to their customers. And this shift brings an increased need for species verification if these brands intend to maintain trust with pet parents.

The importance of species verification

Species verification plays a vital role, especially when brands begin using mixed species. With single-origin products, it’s relatively straightforward to ensure that the product contains authentic oil. However, when incorporating another source, it becomes crucial to verify the presence and proportions of each species in the final product. This verification process helps maintain transparency, assures customers of the product’s composition and label claims, as well as prevents any misrepresentation or confusion.

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How brands can effectively address the need for species verification in blended products

To address the need for species verification in blended products, brands must implement rigorous testing and traceability measures throughout their supply chains. This begins with sourcing from trusted suppliers who adhere to sustainable and responsible fishing practices. And even more important, implementing appropriate testing methods that can accurately determine the species composition in the oil, ensuring that the product contains the intended proportions of all sources. Brands can then provide this information to consumers through clear labelling and transparent communication, reinforcing trust and allowing pet parents to make informed decisions.

How ORIVO can validate the authenticity of pet supplement products

At ORIVO, we specialise in origin verification of omega-3 supplements through advanced laboratory testing. We work closely with our customers in the pet supplement industry to develop reliable testing protocols and provide the necessary support to verify the species composition in their products. With our expertise, we help brands accurately determine the proportions of the sources they incorporate in their products. Moreover, we pre-validate suppliers of raw materials, making it easier for brands to source responsibly. By doing so, we contribute to maintaining the trust of both suppliers, brands and consumers by ensuring the authenticity and integrity of the products being offered in the marketplace.

Maintaining consumer trust moving forward

Maintaining consumer trust in the omega-3 pet supplement space amidst the increasing need for blended products, driven by challenging supply situations for fish oils, requires a transparent and responsible approach. Firstly, it is crucial for manufacturers to openly communicate the reasons behind the blend and educate consumers on the benefits. Second, rigorous quality control and third-party testing should be employed to ensure that blended products meet high standards for purity and authenticity, with clear labelling indicating the sources of omega-3. Additionally, the industry must establish clear standards and guidelines for origin verification of ingredients to ensure consistency and comparability across brands.

Consistency in product authenticity, honest communication, and a commitment to meeting consumer expectations for sustainable, high-quality pet supplement sources will be instrumental in upholding trust in this evolving industry landscape.

Download free guide: The ultimate guide to omega-3 sources