Enervit becomes italy´s first ORIVO certified omega-3 brand!

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The Enervit Group is active in both sports supplements and functional nutrition markets. It carries out research on food and supplements and develops, produces and markets products for people practicing sports and people who wish to keep fit and healthy. Among the various Enervit brands, Enerzona is the one that, for years, has been associated with Omega3 RX, its flagship product, leader in the Italian and Spanish omega-3 market. Omega3 RX will in March 2019 gain the ORIVO certification.

Through this certification, ORIVO verifies that Enervit is getting their single-sourced omega-3 oil supply exclusively from the South Pacific anchovy fishery. The key basis for the certification is a laboratory test able to verify marine species and the region of catch, simply by testing the product off any European retail shelf where Omega3 RX is sold.

Enervit is the first Italian supplement company to start using the ORIVO authenticity test for its omega-3 product line.

– This is obviously a great added value for our customers who now can be even more assured they are getting a sustainable, world class omega-3 source when buying our fish oil, says Lucia Viale, Marketing Director of EnerZona.

– Enervit strongly believes in quality and sustainability and adding to our main product the ORIVO certification, will give to EnerZona Omega3 RX one more important value for customers who are looking for uncompromising quality.

ORIVO developed the authenticity test and the origin certification due to increasing value chain complexity – and due to the growing demand for “a product with a story” by the modern consumer. GOED (Global organization for EPA and DHA) is the leading trade association for the international omega-3 industry, and took an early lead by embracing and recommending the ORIVO certification to their members already in 2015. To finally see the certification being actualized through a growing number of products carrying the ORIVO logo is of course very satisfying for both GOED, and CEO and co-founder of ORIVO, Svein Erik Haugmo:

“A technology breakthrough towards the end of 2017 allowed us to sign certification agreements with a handful of early adopters in selected markets. It is satisfying to see over 20 products carrying our logo in Europe and the Americas already. To see a market giant like Enervit as our first Italian client is of course also very satisfying!

About Enervit

The Enervit products are manufactured directly in the company’s plant in Zelbio and Erba, two locations both close to the Como lake. Even in an age when offshoring is the norm, the company prefers to keep production in Italy, preserving its bonds with the area and the locals, and helping industrial development in Italy. Although Enervit is an Italian company, it has started a gradual internationalization process, which now results in having its main product lines exported in more than 20 countries all over the world. Enervit Sport, EnerZona, Enervit Protein and Enervit Gymline Muscle are the identifying brand names of the company’s main product lines. EnerZona is the brand that represents a line of products specifically designed to achieve physical and mental wellbeing, thanks to the balance of its macronutrients.

Contact: Lucia Viale, Mktg Director, Enervit SPA // l.viale@enervit.com // www.enervit.com