World´s first salmon oil product verified by an authenticity test

Laboratory building used for omega-3 testing

As the first salmon oil brand in the world, the authenticity of the brand OmegaMarine Forte + offered and owned by Natural Pharmaceuticals, has now been verified by OmegaVeritas through an independent 3rd party authenticity test.

The recently established test, which is the first of its kind, is able to verify both ingredients and end consumer products. A substantial R&D effort, which partly has been funded by The Norwegian Research Council, formed the basis for the test. Together with the Norwegian salmon oil producers Biomega, Marine Harvest, Nordlaks and Nutrimar, OmegaVeritas has optimised and validated analysis protocols, software algorithms as well as created a reference database for salmon oil. The aim was to build a system that is efficient and valid, while also ensuring integrity and transparency.

– To have the salmon oil producers join us as partners has been crucial in order to ensure a successful build-up of the reference database. We greatly appreciate the time and effort they have put into the project. This shows that there is an interest and a need to protect the salmon oil category, and a need for the services we are providing, says CEO Svein Erik Haugmo from OmegaVeritas.

The authenticity testing tool for salmon oil is already commercially available. The system has been thoroughly tested and the results validated that the analysis is efficient and accurate. A selection of commercially available salmon oil products has also been analysed, and, not surprisingly, the results showed that not every salmon oil product contains what is stated on the label.

– Following the recent successful launch of krill oil authentication, salmon oil was a natural next step for us. Salmon oil is a high priced product category and we now have a validated system which can help the honest and responsible players in the market protect their category, says CEO Svein Erik Haugmo from OmegaVeritas.

Natural Pharmaceuticals is the first brand owner to start using the authenticity test for salmon oil products. Their OmegaMarine Forte+ brand consist of 35% natural salmon oil and 65% concentrated fish oil. Natural Pharmaceutical welcomes the new test, and believes this soon will be used by all brands containing high valued natural oils.

– For the first time we are now actually able to verify through a 3rd party test that our product is based on authentic salmon oil and in correct amounts. We have never had doubt in our suppliers – rather confirmed that we are using the best suppliers, but this is obviously valuable for us as a company and our customers, who now can be even more certain that they are getting the premium quality salmon oil when they buy our products, says CEO of Natural Pharmaceuticals, Ulf Oldenborg. We are convinced that with the introduction of this 3rd party test, Natural Pharmacuticals are, together with OmegaVeritas, setting a new international level of quality control for omega-3 products containing salmon oil.

OmegaVeritas offers subscription programs with random analysis and mandatory next-level-in-value-chain checkpoints, batch certifications, product verifications (with possibility to use the verification logo on the label), as well as product screening and benchmarking. All services have special sampling routines solving third party sampling challenges. Eventually there will be a wide range of offers servicing different value chain actors – including retailers and consumers.


OmegaVeritas provides laboratory services for testing authenticity of marine-based omega-3 oils. The testing technology, initially developed by a Norwegian research organisation SINTEF, is based on proven NMR and GC technologies combined with strong database and analysis algorithms. OmegaVeritas is able to verify marine species and region of origin via quality assured sampling protocols. Based in Molde, Norway, OmegaVeritas serves the global markets independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for non-adulterated and sustainable omega-3s.


Natural Pharmaceuticals is a Norwegian owned company, based in Poland, operating in 8 countries: Poland, Germany, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine and Romania. Since the beginning of its activities 7 years back, it has been a leading, innovative provider of dietary supplements and an expert within omega-3 for the European market. The main objective of the company is to take care of its customers’ health with particular emphasis on their diverse needs, especially through the system of regular shipping directly to the clients home. In addition, its priority is to strive for excellence through continuous care of the highest quality products and their constant development.


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