How quickly can my omega-3 product get an origin verification from ORIVO?

lab people getting your product an omega-3 verification

When the decision getting a product verified is taken, most of the brands we work with are eager to get the job done. They know how much value a legit omega-3 verification will add to their product and brand, and usually they wish they became verified by ORIVO yesterday.

Luckily, the process of getting ORIVO verified doesn’t need to be a long process. It requires five steps, and most of the job is done by ORIVO. This means that the process of getting verified requires minimal work from your side.


1. First of all, you need to reach out to us. This should only take you two minutes

Based on your outreach, we will contact you to schedule a short and non-commiting meeting. In this meeting we will ask you to share information about which ingredients you use, how the products are formulated, and how you would like to promote them. This information will help us identify how we can help you grow your business. A meeting like this should require not more than 30 to 60 minutes of your time.


2. If we together decide to move forward, the next step is for you to send a samples of your omega-3 product to ORIVO

Depending on how fast you work on collecting your product samples and bringing them to the shipment provider, we estimate this to take you another couple of hours.

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3. Once ORIVO receives your samples, the testing process getting your product ORIVO verified starts

In the testing process, your omega-3 product samples are transferred to our specialized laboratory. The laboratory testing is the core of the ORIVO verification, where we use revolutionary testing technology.

Here, we analyze your products and compare them with our database of known reference samples, to confirm the origin of your products. The duration of the testing process can vary, but normally this will take no longer than two weeks.

To keep your omega-3 verification from ORIVO valid, we are asking you to submit a new sample each time you make a new production run, so we can test and verify that the composition of the product is unchanged. By doing this, we will make sure to keep your online certificate up to date with the most recent batch numbers.


4. When you pass the testing process, you will receive a verification of the origin of your products

Finally, you can add the unique ORIVO logo to your product labels! You will get your own four-digit code for your certificate, as well as a verification logo including this code free to use on your products.

The logo states the origin of your products and the four-digit code makes it easy for consumers to find your certificate online. Some of our clients also add a QR-code next to the logo, linking directly to the online certificate.


5. Now you can include the unique ORIVO logo and four-digit code on your product label

This means a minor effort again from your side related to adjusting the label design, but we guarantee that it’s worth it! Once it’s done, you can lean back and watch the sales numbers grow.

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