This is how you increase your omega-3 sales with the ORIVO verification program

The ORIVO team discussing how to increase Omega-3sales with the ORIVO certification

The key to increase your omega-3 sales today, is to gain consumer trust and act transparent with evidence and proof. Consumers do more research about the different omega-3 products prior to purchase than ever before. They care about their personal health, and they are engaged in the ongoing debates about environment and sustainability. To gain these consumers´ trust and increase sales, you need to communicate the high quality of your product together with reliable evidence.

The ORIVO verification might be the evidence you need for gaining this consumer trust and building your reputation as a high-quality omega-3 brand.

The most unique part of the ORIVO verification is the revolutionary testing technology. All tests are done using a laboratory technique called NMR analysis, which is commonly used by the medical health and chemical industry. For omega-3 products, this technology is able to verify raw-material species and geographic origin.

Today, ORIVO is the only company in the world that can provide your company with this type of third-party evidence-based transparency.


So how is this evidence-based transparency supposed to increase your omega-3 sales?

Every salesperson knows that you need to focus on the consumer needs when selling your product. So, what do consumers care about when buying an omega-3 product?

They need to know that the product is safe, that it is sustainable, that the product label tells the truth and that the health benefits are what they claim to be. And of course they need to be assured that they don’t support any kind of fraud or illegal business.

With the ORIVO verification you get a proved origin of your product, which assures consumers that you are on the right side of all these questions. Promoted through one single verification seal on your product label.


The ORIVO omega-3 verification gives you the ultimate evidence for a product with:

  • A validated and safe supply chain
  • A proven omega-3 source
  • No red-listed species or raw material originating from any illegal fishery
  • All confirming the quality and sustainability of your product

This evidence will give your brand and product the opportunity to:

  • Promote the evidence-based origin of your product with a unique verification logo
  • Communicate and convince modern consumers of the quality you are delivering in your product
  • Build your brand story and reputation on transparency, trust and traceability
  • Feel good about the product you are selling. You will have scientific evidence for a good product of high quality. The best salespeople are the ones that truly believe in the product they are selling.


ORIVO marketing will boost the awareness to support your sales process

When your product is approved and verified, ORIVO will help you spread the word. A verified product deserves to shine, and this is how ORIVO will support your sales process:

  • Give you access to the ORIVO verification seal for product labels claiming species and geographic origin. The ultimate evidence for an authentic omega-3 source.
  • Provide you with a QR code that you can place next to the verification logo on your product. By scanning the code consumers will immediately be able to check the origin and authenticity of their omega-3 product.
  • Increase awareness with valuable scientific support to your marketing campaigns.
  • Provide templates (text, graphics, videos, pictures) for flyers, leaflets and digital material for your website and social media channels.

As an independent third-party verification company, ORIVO provides you with a trustworthy proof. Consumers need to rely on you before buying your products, and their trust is what you get by adding a serious verification to your product label. Act transparent, get proof, and gain consumer trust. This will increase your sales!


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