Laboratory analysis identifies undeclared oils in salmon oil for dogs

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During spring 2023 ORIVO conducted an analysis project related to the authenticity of salmon oils offered in North America. Please read the abstract for the work below.

Heatmap WAS screening 2023

NMR raw data from the salmon oil analysis


Accurate labeling and authentication of raw-material sources in consumer products are paramount for transparency, traceability, and consumer confidence. Norwegian company ORIVO recently conducted a market screening of 15 pet supplement products claiming to be based on pure wild Alaskan salmon oil. The products were purchased via online retail stores in the US market. Through rigorous laboratory analysis, which was based on nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, the study revealed that over 80% of the tested products did not align with the claimed sources. These results underscore the urgent need for reliable authentication methods and industry-wide improvements in labeling practices to ensure integrity and trust in the pet supplement market.

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