Cod liver oil: 20 % adulteration


Cod is a large and economically important marine fish. The species Gadus morhua is found on both sides of the North Atlantic. It is valued for its edible flesh, the oil of its liver, and other products.

After realizing the widespread and fraudulent practices regarding omega-3 from wild Alaskan salmon (read more about it further down), ORIVO wanted to check the practices among cod liver oil (CLO) brands. Mr Mystery Shopper bought some 20 different products from three different market (USA, UK, and Germany) for ORIVO to test. To ORIVO’s big surprise, 20% of the products were not what they claimed to be.

This causes problem for the consumers. When this many brands break the trust of the consumers, what can the consumers, i.e. you do make sure the product is what it claims to be? The easiest thing is to look for the ORIVO logo. The ORIVO logo is the certification logo regarding the content and the origin of the omega-3.