A new laboratory test to verify authenticity of antarctic krill oil products

A new laboratory test to verify authenticity of antarctic krill oil products

OmegaVeritas can now provide independent 3rd party authenticity verification for Antarctic krill oil products – being able to verify both ingredients and end consumer products.

– For the first time, there is a laboratory test available to test the origin and authenticity of Antarctic krill oil based products. Krill oil samples are technically challenging to analyse, but we have now established a validated system which can provide highly accurate results, says CEO Svein Erik Haugmo from OmegaVeritas.

During a 1 year long development project funded by Innovation Norway, OmegaVeritas developed, optimised and validated sampling procedures and logistics, analysis protocols, software algorithms as well as created a reference database. The aim was to build a system that is efficient and valid, while also ensuring integrity and transparency.

– Everything is now in place. As a last project step and final validation, we have been collecting and analysing commercially available krill oil products. This work will be completed in May, but initial results confirm that our analysis is efficient and accurate. Also, the results are indicating that not every krill product contains what is stated on the label, explains Haugmo.

The successful build-up of the reference database was important in contributing to accuracy. Two vertically integrated Antarctic krill oil suppliers, Aker Biomarine AS and RIMFROST AS, were the industry partners in this project and crucial in providing authentic reference samples. Having their own vessels and ability to fully trace batches to the precise krill harvesting times and locations was important for ensuring a large enough spectrum of authentic samples – from different times and geographical origins.

The authenticity testing tool for Antarctic krill oil will be commercially available from June 2016 onwards.

– We are at risk of losing money every day due to adulterated products. With strong support from the industry, OmegaVeritas has now developed a tool for purchasers that will assist in isolating products that are 100% authentic krill oil, explains CEO John Cameron from RIMFROST NZ.

– As often happens with successful, premium ingredients, the krill oil category risks being attacked by suppliers with adulterated, low cost products. The result of this project is a third party verification service, which might prevent this adulteration from happening, CEO Matts Johansen from Aker Biomarine AS adds.

OmegaVeritas offers subscription programmes with random analysis and mandatory next-level-in- value-chain checkpoints, batch certifications, product verifications (with possibility to use the verification logo on the label), as well as product screening and benchmarking. All services have special sampling routines solving third party sampling challenges. Eventually there will be a wide range of offers servicing different value chain actors – including retailers and consumers.

OmegaVeritas will give a presentation on “Transparency and label claims in the omega-3 industry” at the GOED Pavilion (stand I152) during the upcoming Vitafoods trade show on Wednesday 11th of May at 13:05. The session is open to everyone.


OmegaVeritas provides laboratory services for testing authenticity of marine-based omega-3 oils. The testing technology, initially developed by a Norwegian research organisation SINTEF, is based on proven NMR and GC technologies combined with strong database and analysis algorithms. OmegaVeritas is able to verify marine species and region of origin via quality assured sampling protocols. Based in Molde, Norway, OmegaVeritas serves the global markets independent 3rd party verification to meet the consumer demand for non-adulterated and sustainable omega-3s.

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