Unveiling the Truth: ORIVO’s Latest Omega-3 Market Screening Reveals Eye-opening Results

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At ORIVO, our mission has always been to ensure the authenticity and origin of dietary supplements, and our latest omega-3 market screening underscores the critical importance of this mission. In our recent study, we tested 39 omega-3 products purchased from some of the leading e-commerce channels in Europe, China, and the US. The findings are as for earlier screenings, both eye-opening and concerning, revealing a substantial amount of mislabelling in the market.

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The Scope of the Study

Our comprehensive market screening involved rigorous testing of omega-3 supplements sourced from prominent online retailers. The selection included a diverse range of products, varying in price and brand reputation, to provide a holistic view of the market. Each product was subjected to ORIVO’s revolutionary NMR chemical fingerprinting methodology, designed to verify the species and geographic origin of omega-3 oils.

Eye-opening Results

The results of our screening were eye-opening. A significant number of the tested products failed to meet the authenticity and origin standards expected by consumers and industry stakeholders. Key findings include:

  1. Incompliant Species Claims: A substantial portion of the products did not contain the type of omega-3 specified on the label, for instance did krill oil supplements contain no krill oil or were found to be diluted with cheaper sources such as vegetable oil or fish oil ethyl esters. And salmon oils claiming to be from wild caught Alaskan salmon were found to be from salmon farmed elsewhere in the world.
  2. Global “Consistency”: The testing revealed that the fraud level was consistent across different regions, showing similar rates of adulteration and mislabelling in North America, Europe, and China.
  3. Brand Reputation vs. Reality: Brands representing all price levels were among those that failed our authenticity tests. This finding challenges the assumption that higher-priced or popular products are always of superior quality.
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The Importance of Transparency

These findings emphasize the need for greater transparency and accountability in the omega-3 market. Consumers deserve to know that the supplements they rely on for their health are both genuine and safe. At ORIVO, we advocate for the adoption of stringent testing protocols and clearer labelling practices across the industry. The industry needs to show evidence to be fully compliant with the growing need for transparency among consumers.

Moving Forward

ORIVO is committed to continuing our efforts in market screenings and providing consumers with reliable information. We believe that by shining a light on the discrepancies in the omega-3 market, we can drive positive change and enhance the overall quality and integrity of dietary supplements.

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The latest omega-3 market screening from ORIVO serves as a wake-up call for consumers and industry stakeholders alike. The incidence of mislabelling uncovered in our study is as high as earlier, but it also presents an opportunity to push for better standards and practices in the industry. ORIVO will remain at the forefront of this effort, ensuring that consumers have access to authentic, high-quality omega-3 products they can trust.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from ORIVO as we continue to uphold the standards of quality and authenticity in the supplement industry. And if you want to be on the absolute safe side; please look for the ORIVO verification seal on the label the next time you go shopping for omega-3 supplements to yourself or your bellowed ones!