ORIVO 10 years: The early days of origin technology

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In 2014, two chemists with a passion for innovation embarked on a journey to revolutionize the omega-3 supplement industry by introducing a groundbreaking laboratory technology able to trace marine oils back to species and geographic origin. The initial aim for our CEO, Svein Erik Haugmo, and CTO, Erik Fuglseth, was to offer this as a highly valued laboratory analysis tool to a handful of omega-3 producers across the globe. The plan has changed a bit since then, but both “origin”, “highly valued” and “across the globe” are still important pillars, and the above handshake marked the inception of a company that would later become ORIVO – a game changer in the field of origin verification and testing of dietary supplements, seafood, pet food and feed ingredients.

It all started as OmegaVeritas

The story began with the establishment of the company under the name OmegaVeritas in 2014. The founding team recognized the growing demand for omega-3 supplements, however, they also observed a lack of clarity and trust surrounding the origin and quality of these products in the market. This realization fueled their determination to bridge the gap between consumers and the omega-3 industry.

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OmegaVeritas set out on a mission to create a system that would test and verify the authenticity of omega-3 products, enabling the honest and responsible industry players to act more transparent up the value chain. The early development phase was therefore characterized by extensive research and collaboration with stakeholders and fore runners in the global marine ingredient space. And parallel to this, the team worked diligently to establish rigorous testing methodologies and criteria that would set a new standard for omega-3 product verification. As the company gained momentum, it became clear that the initial name, OmegaVeritas, reflecting the sole focus on omega-3, needed refinement to better encapsulate the company’s mission and values, that had expanded to account for more than just omega-3. Rather marine ingredients in general, opening the door to the seafood, animal feed and pet food segment. In 2017, a strategic decision was made to rebrand the company, and the name ORIVO was born. The new name, derived from “Origin Verification”, succinctly captured the essence of the company’s commitment to provide accurate information about the origin of marine ingredients.

  The first version of the company logo with the new name. An additional rebranding was made in 2021 to a visual profile better reflecting our core values.

The first version of the company logo with the new name. An additional rebranding was made in 2021 to a visual profile better reflecting our core values.

With the name change, a strategic transition came along

The transition from OmegaVeritas to ORIVO marked a significant milestone in the company’s evolution. It was not merely a change in nomenclature but a strategic move to align the brand more closely with its core mission and vision. The give value to consumers had been the vision all the way, and at this stage the first ORIVO seals of origin for consumer ready products were born. Ensuring that consumers could confidently make informed choices about the supplements they incorporated into their daily lives.Biotics logo 1031

Further technology development

When moving into the consumer end of the value chain, the need for further technology development arose. So, ORIVO continued to invest in cutting-edge technology and scientific advancements to enhance our verification processes. We developed a proprietary testing platform that utilized state-of-the-art DNA technology to trace the origin of protein-based products back to their source. This groundbreaking approach set ORIVO apart from conventional certification methods, mainly relying on paper-trails, and established the company as a pioneer in the field. Throughout this early development phase, ORIVO not only focused on technological innovation but also forged strategic partnerships with key players in the global nutrition industry. Collaborations with manufacturers, retailers, and regulatory bodies further solidified ORIVO’s position as a trusted authority.
In conclusion, the early development of ORIVO was characterized by a visionary pursuit to bring transparency and authenticity to the omega-3 industry. From its establishment as OmegaVeritas in 2014 to the strategic rebranding as ORIVO in 2017, the company underwent a transformative journey that redefined standards in the field. The commitment to technological innovation, rigorous testing methodologies, and strategic partnerships has positioned ORIVO as a leading force in ensuring consumers to make informed and confident choices about the origin and quality of the products they are buying.
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