ORIVO AS and Bering Select Inc. Collaborate to Bring Transparency and Species Verification to the Fish Oil Industry

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Molde, Norway and Seattle, Washington – June 21, 2023

ORIVO AS, the leading independent provider of origin verification services, and Bering Select Inc., a renowned supplier of premium cod liver oil, are pleased to announce that Bering Select’s cod liver oil has successfully qualified for the ORIVO Verification Program. This collaboration between ORIVO and Bering Select will provide increased transparency and certainty to the fish oil industry and its consumers.

Both ORIVO AS and Bering Select Inc. are committed to promoting sustainable and healthy fisheries while ensuring the integrity and authenticity of fish oil products. ORIVO’s Verification Program utilizes cutting-edge laboratory testing technology to verify the species and origin of omega-3 oils, ensuring that they go beyond the current industry standards for traceability.

Bering Select has been a trusted supplier of premium cod liver oil for many years, catering to the needs of the omega-3 supplement industry. With the qualification from the ORIVO Verification Program, Bering Select’s cod liver oil can now proudly display the ORIVO Verification Seal, providing assurance to consumers and manufacturers alike.

Enthusiasm from Bering Select

Joel Watson, President at Bering Select, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating,

“ORIVO´s Verification Program is exactly what the fish oil industry needs right now. Everybody in the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the consumer, should have certainty about the species and origin of the omega-3 oils they are working with or consuming. This type of laboratory test-based verification promotes healthy, sustainable fisheries and protects consumers from fraud.”

When asked about the consumer response to species verification, Watson confidently stated,

“I am confident that end users of fish oil products will appreciate knowing that the omega-3s they are ingesting are exactly what is stated on the label. Without species verification, you can’t be certain that your chosen product is environmentally sound or as healthy as you expect.”

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Fingerprinting of cod liver oils

ORIVO’s Chief Technology Officer, Erik Fuglseth, highlighted the technical advantages of the ORIVO technology and its significance for Bering Select and their clients. He explained,

“Our advanced testing methods use fingerprinting technology, allowing us to accurately identify and verify the species composition of fish oil products. This not only ensures the authenticity of Bering Select’s cod liver oil but also provides valuable information for omega-3 supplement brands who can confidently market their products with transparency and integrity.”

The collaboration between ORIVO AS and Bering Select Inc. signifies a major step forward in the fish oil industry, reinforcing the commitment to sustainability, traceability, and transparency.

Together, they aim to enhance consumer confidence and promote the responsible sourcing and consumption of fish oil products.