The world´s first krill oil brand with an origin guarantee entering China

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Molde, Norway – April 14th, 2020

The krill oil brand NY-O3 is now the very first supplement brand entering China to guarantee consumers true transparency through an independent third-party authenticity certification. The certification is based on the world´s first and only lab-based technology that scientifically validates the origin and species of omega-3 oils. This revolutionary technology, with the related product certification, is developed in Norway by the laboratory company ORIVO.

 NY-03 Product

NY-O3 is based solely on pure krill oil from the market leading supplier of krill oil, Norway based Aker BioMarine. Tim de Haas, EVP Human Health and Nutrition of Aker BioMarine is truly satisfied with this innovative certification: “There is no question that brands and consumers are interested in knowing where their ingredients are coming from, and third-party certifications are becoming increasingly important in the dietary supplements industry. Krill oil brands around the world have full confidence when sourcing from Aker BioMarine. Since we own and control our entire supply chain, everything happens under our watch, giving our partners a unique insight into how we operate. This trust and transparency, combined with the certification from ORIVO, can guarantee consumers that their krill oil supplement consists of exactly what is promised – a 100% pure, safe source of valuable nutrients from pristine Antarctic waters.”

The ORIVO technology, which is the first of its kind in the industry, is able to verify both species and geographic origin. The testing technology is based on proven NMR analysis combined with a strong database of known reference samples and powerful analysis algorithms:

Illustration of NMR analysis

– For decades hospitals around the world have used MRI to understand the complexity of the human body´s inner structure. Together with leading Nordic R&D institutes we have utilized this knowledge and developed a tool for testing and origin verification of omega-3 supplements. CTO in ORIVO, Dr. Erik Fuglseth explains.

NY-O3 is the very first brand to enter the Chinese vitamin and dietary supplement market to start using the ORIVO origin certification. An important challenge with certification logos like the ORIVO product logo is that the logo itself is being copied. Together, NY-O3 and ORIVO have solved this:


– An important part of the running product testing is the so-called Mystery Shopping routine. Without us knowing it, ORIVO is purchasing products as normal consumers in the marketplace. This gives our clients two important guarantees: It verifies that samples sent from our production partners are authentic, and in addition this routine will over time discover if there are possible copy products present in the marketplace. This is obviously of tremendous value for our customers who now can be certain they are getting the highest quality krill oil available – every time they buy a box of NY-O3, says Yannice Xu, representative of NY-O3 brand.