ORIVO 10 years: ORIVO and Golden Omega: A Pioneering Collaboration Since 2017


In the dynamic world of nutritional supplements, innovation and quality are paramount. Since 2017, ORIVO and Golden Omega have embarked on a strategic collaboration that has set a new standard in the omega-3 supplement industry. This partnership leverages the unique strengths of both our companies contributing to high-quality, sustainable omega-3 products offered to consumers worldwide.

The Very Beginning

Even though the agreement between our two companies was settled first half of 2017, it all began a year earlier. As many long-term relationships, a good recommendation from trusted friends was the start of it all. During GOED Exchange at sunny Tenerife February 2016, the omega-3 pioneer, Bjørn Rene, understood the value of evidence-based transparency after a presentation from us at the conference (thank you also, to former Executive Director of GOED, Adam Ismail, for his early trust in two chemists from Molde, Norway).

Bjorn Rene

Bjørn Rene, former technical director for Golden Omega.

Being the technical director of Golden Omega at that time, Mr Rene connected the commercial dots that eventually led to a decisive meeting at Golden Omega´s head office at that time, in Los Condes, Santiago. March 15th 2017 we shook hands with Commercial Director Claudio Aracena and CEO Jorge Brahm.

1021 Certification logo Golden Omega
The very first version of the logo developed for Golden Omega´s verification program.

The Parnership’s Genesis

Golden Omega, based in Chile, was, and is still, a leader in producing high-concentration omega-3 fish oils. Their state-of-the-art facility near the richest Anchovy fishing grounds in the world provides a sustainable and traceable source of raw materials. It was written in the stars that the synergy between ORIVO’s verification technology and Golden Omega’s single origin offerings was the basis for a robust alliance.
ORIVO’s advanced testing methods verifies that Golden Omega’s products are pure and traceable back to their source. This transparency is crucial in an industry where consumers are increasingly demanding proof of purity and origin. By integrating ORIVO’s verification system, Golden Omega has ever since 2017 provided customers with confidence in the authenticity and sustainability of their products no other fish oil concentrator in the world has been able to.

Golden Omega booth 2019

Ever since the start of our collaboration, ORIVO´s verification seal and concept has been a very important visual element at Golden Omega´s trade show booths.

Innovations and Achievements

Since the inception of our collaboration, ORIVO and Golden Omega have achieved several significant milestones:

  1. Enhanced Product Transparency: ORIVO’s verification technology has enabled Golden Omega to offer products with verified origin and purity, giving consumers trust through transparency.
  2. Market Expansion: The partnership started in South America, but today, omega-3 brands from all parts of the world, including USA, Europe and Asia carry the ORIVO verification seal, guaranteeing millions of consumers in the respective markets a safe, potent and single origin omega-3 source from the South Pacific.
  3. Industry Leadership: Together, ORIVO and Golden Omega have set new industry standards for transparency, influencing consumers and other companies to adopt similar practices. In 2022 one of Golden Omega´s clients was granted the ORIVO Awards for this effort.

NewScience ORIVO awards 2022

Award ceremony in Santiago March 2023 for the omega-3 brand NewScience, winning the ORIVO Awards for the year 2022.

Looking Ahead

The future of the ORIVO-Golden Omega partnership looks promising. Both companies are committed to continuous innovation and improving our processes. In addition to further development of its state-of-the-art fish oil concentrates, Golden Omega has already expanded into new product segments such as Algal oil and Calanus oil. When entering into a new decade of operation, ORIVO also is adapting the verification technologies to apply to these emerging and highly valued omega-3 categories. ORIVO is further exploring new testing technologies that could provide even greater insights into product quality and origin, for instance verification programs for ingredients offered to aquaculture feed producers.
Jorge Claudio SEH 1
ORIVO CEO, Svein Erik Haugmo (right) together with Jorge Brahm (CEO) and Claudio Aracena (Commercial Director) of Golden Omega during Vitafoods Asia in Bangkok 2022.


The collaboration between Orivo and Golden Omega since 2017 exemplifies what can be achieved when a pro-active industry leader and an emerging technology provider join forces. Our shared commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency has set a new benchmark in the omega-3 supplement industry. As we continue to innovate and expand, consumers can look forward to even higher standards of excellence in the products they trust for their health and well-being. Together, ORIVO and Golden Omega are not just partners in business but pioneers in the quest for a healthier, more transparent world.

ORIVO logo 1021

This is how Golden Omega is promoting it´s pure and unique single origin fish oil concentrates today.

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