ORIVO has entered a strategic collaboration with the world class DNA laboratory PatoGen

PatoGen Logo

The two companies will together develop game-changing analytical tools to the pet food and animal feed industry. First out will be a DNA based species detection tool with a precision far better than the DNA analysis currently offered to the industry.

The background for the collaboration is the increasing demand for a reliable quantitative DNA-analysis tool for feed ingredients and products. To measure the content – or absence – of certain target ingredients is becoming more and more critical in today´s growing demand for transparency.

We see that this increasing demand is especially present within the aquaculture and pet food segment, says Svein Erik Haugmo, CEO of ORIVO. He is proud to announce the strategic collaboration with PatoGen AS:

– PatoGen is a global leader within marine biotechnology and DNA testing for the fish farming industry. With PatoGen´s competence on board, ORIVO aims to deliver the best and most precise DNA based testing and certification to the global feed and pet food industry.

PatoGen will be both a highly competent R&D partner and a world class high-throughput DNA laboratory for ORIVO´s running operations. PatoGen´s Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, Ove Gjelstenli, is looking forward to the ORIVO collaboration:

– PatoGen is very familiar with both DNA analysis and offering DNA analysis services to the aquaculture industry. However, being part of a certification service such as the one ORIVO is offering is a new and exciting experience for us. ORIVO is known for always including revolutionary laboratory testing in their product certifications. It is therefore very satisfying for PatoGen to be ORIVO´s preferred DNA analysis partner.

ORIVO is currently pilot testing the very first analysis products with a handful of feed and pet food customers and will soon release the first commercial services based on this new and revolutionary testing.