OmegaVeritas proudly announce the Scoular Company as their next collaboration partner!

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Press release


The Scoular Company has entered into a commercial collaboration agreement with OmegaVeritas. The aim of this collaboration is to have OmegaVeritas authenticate the species of Scoulars fish oil offering with their proprietary O3V-technology.

Scoular and OmegaVeritas have begun by targeting strategic marine oils from its offering for species verification. This collaboration will allow Scoular to offer its customers a greater degree of transparency then what is currently available to them. The decision to partner with OmegaVeritas came from the demand from Scoular.

– To be able to document the authenticity of our oil through an actual test is something we at Scoular believe will add value to both our producers and our customers. The service OmegaVeritas is offering aligns well with our strategy of being a company with high integrity, acting in a responsible manner in all parts of our business, – Joe Andrus at The Scoular Company.

OmegaVeritas CEO, Svein Erik Haugmo, explains why this collaboration is such a milestone for his agile team: ”Scoular is a distributor that handles a wide variety of oils and ingredients through a very complex supply chain, and this collaboration opens important market opportunities for OmegaVeritas: Together with Scoular we can now address a wide range of both supplement and pet food brands with this new and differentiating authenticity branding opportunity.”

The two parties have several categories in the pipeline and expect to launch these subsequently in near future.