The ORIVO commitment reward

ORIVO commitment reward logos

We have decided to honour an exclusive selection of our clients for being transparent over time. It is a pleasure to introduce the ORIVO Commitment Reward to clients being ORIVO verified for more than three consecutive years!

All our clients are showing dedication to traceability and responsible sourcing. Committing to such practices on a one-time basis or for a shorter period of time – for instance in relation to a product launch or re-launch – is sometimes the approach for companies seeking short-time profit. On the contrary, by implementing this as a continuous verification, over years, companies can demonstrate their long-term commitment to sustainability, traceability, and responsible sourcing. This commitment goes beyond a one-time certification and shows that the company is dedicated to maintaining high standards throughout its operations.

That is why ORIVO decided to reward such responsible players from the industry with the newly launched ORIVO Commitment Reward, giving companies qualifying for the origin verification program for three consecutive years or more a reward logo and diploma. These are the reward levels:

Showing transparency through evidence

A big kudos to the growing selection of omega-3 companies around the globe showing transparency not only the traditional way through paper-based traceability documents, but also by raising the transparency bar to the level consumers deserve: Through on-going, batch-wise origin testing of ingredients and finished products using the most sophisticated traceability technology available today! Or as we say it in ORIVO: Through Evidence-based Transparency!