Norway based Pure Orange omega-3 partner with ORIVO to bring ultimate transparency to end users

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Norway-based Pure Orange AS is now launching what its CEO, Kjetil Dahl, describes as «probably the purest omega-3 supplement available today». It is a product made from sustainable Norwegian salmon oil, 100 % pure and with no additives. To be able to guarantee its origin and purity promise to end users, Pure Orange has partnered with ORIVO – the only company in the world which has the technology to scientifically prove the origin and species of omega-3 oils in finished product form.

ORIVO´s approach is based on data and advanced science that go beyond the paper trail that other certification schemes rely upon. ORIVO´s method is gaining increased attention from brands and producers around the world that are seeking objective and verifiable ways to build trust and transparency among end users.

From its inception in Norway, Pure Orange now plans to expand to China. The ORIVO certification will be a key selling feature and driver of success in China, Dahl explains:Bottle of Pure Salmon Oil

– Consumer trust is key to be able to win in today´s marketplace. As a consumer of omega-3 supplements, I know of many unserious companies out there. When entering this business segment, it was therefore very important to give our end users full transparency about the source of our products. Through our partnership with ORIVO, Pure Orange users can be reassured and trust that what they put in their bodies is 100 % pure and authentic salmon oil from Norway.

Ole Kristian Sakkestad, ORIVO´s VP of Global Sales agrees with Dahl;

How to build trust and transparency is a key challenge and purchase barrier for omega-3 brands today, and explaines why third party testing of existing – paper based – traceability documentation is key for brand owners wanting to stand out in the marketplace:

– End users are demanding a commitment to quality and full transparency into sources and production methods through objective, third-party verification. The benefit to brands and producers in partnering with us, is to bring ultimate transparency to end users and thus strengthen their competitive position. Unfortunately, many omega-3 brands are cheating and not being honest, and our own testing has revealed that as much as 40 % of brands in certain omega-3 categories are cheating. We know who they are, but our strategy is to do the right thing by the consumer and partner with brands and producers that share our values, such as Pure Orange.

According to Dahl from Pure Orange, knowing who cheats will help:

– Findings from these market screenings will be very useful for Pure Orange when entering China, and help position our omega-3 product for success in the marketplace.