This is how an omega-3 verification benefits product, marketing, and sales managers

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Omega-3 verifications can significantly impact product, marketing, and sales managers. Such verifications can provide assurance of quality, offer a unique selling point for the brand, and help drive sales. In this blog post, we will explore how an omega-3 verification can benefit these managers and how they can leverage verifications to position their brand as a leader in the omega-3 market.

How does an omega-3 verification benefit the marketing manager?

With the information most people can access today through the media and online sources, transparency is increasingly important. Any brand can claim that they care about quality, sustainability, and transparency, but today’s consumers want proof. In fact, a consumer market study conducted by Pure Branding revealed that 73% of respondents are willing to pay more for a product from a brand that acts transparently. Hence, brands that have a verification may also have a competitive edge.

A scientifically verified origin is a strong story to tell your consumers, and an Omega-3 verification can provide a positive boost for your brand. Verified products may carry logos or labels that indicate the verification, which can be used in marketing materials and packaging to promote the brand’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and transparency. This can help the marketing team differentiate the brand from competitors and attract consumers who are looking for high-quality and sustainable products.

With the ORIVO verification, the marketing manager gets access to pre-made marketing templates to support your marketing efforts. Along with the verification program, there is a scannable product logo connected to an online certificate with a complete traceability story for the verified product. There is no need to develop any in-house traceability concept, just piggyback on this third-party system and build your ads, videos, and visual material around it.

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How does an omega-3 verification benefit the sales manager?

Obtaining an omega-3 verification of your product can also help sales managers differentiate from competitors and drive sales. By highlighting the brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability, sales managers can position the brand as a trusted and reliable choice for consumers. Verified omega-3 products may also be more attractive to retailers and distributors who are looking for high-quality products to add to their inventory.

Furthermore, having scientific evidence for a product of high quality can boost the sales manager’s confidence in the product and the brand. Truly believing in the product and the brand is key to performing well for sales managers. When the sales manager feels good about the product, the customer is more likely to feel good about it as well.

With the origin verification program from ORIVO, salespeople can back their USPs with unique scientific evidence. Pitch lines like these are commonly used: “All our fish oils are verified by ORIVO because most of our competitors cannot.” or “On a regular basis ORIVO buys, tests, and verifies that our omega-3 product contains pure krill oil. We never know when.”. Through the ORIVO verification, sales managers get access to pre-made sales pitch examples to support your sales team in the field.

How does an omega-3 verification benefit the product manager?

Product managers are always looking for unique product features, new raw materials, or concepts that sales and marketing can convert into best-selling products. With an omega-3 verification, they are able to make informed decisions when evaluating potential suppliers and selecting products for their brand. Verifying your product can provide a benchmark for quality and sustainability, which in turn can help product managers ensure that the products they are sourcing meet certain standards. In our experience, product managers love the ORIVO origin verification because such concepts come along with it.

A product manager’s biggest fear is being forced to withdraw products from the market due to accusations claiming that the product is mislabelled. Regular product testing to confirm the origin of the raw materials will provide product managers with an important level of assurance. By verifying the origin through a third party, the chances of unexpectedly being caught with a faulty product are minimized. Additionally, when choosing a serious third-party verification provider such as ORIVO, your product manager will always have access to direct support from the ORIVO crew.

In conclusion, an omega-3 verification can benefit product, marketing, and sales managers in various ways. By providing assurance of quality and transparency, as well as offering a unique selling point for the brand and assisting in driving sales, verifications such as ORIVO can help you position your omega-3 brand as a leader in the omega-3 market. When utilizing verifications in product development, marketing, and sales strategies, these managers can attract consumers looking for high-quality and sustainable products and differentiate their brand from competitors.

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