NYO3 granted the ORIVO AWARD for 2021 due to extraordinary consumer enlightenment

ORIVO awards NYO3

“NYO3 Antarctic krill oil” wins the very first ORIVO award for being the most influential and innovative product of the year 2021. The brand owner has extensively used the ORIVO certification in its communication to consumers in an innovative way.

The certification has been central in over 100 exposures through national Chinese and international media channels, several LIVE-stream campaigns and in TV-shop shows. Thereby millions of consumers have been presented to evidence-based transparency from ORIVO and been guided to choose a pure and authentic krill oil product, with premium ingredients derived from a marine phospholipid omega-3 source (krill). One important concept innovation during 2021 was the introduction of an exclusive Marine Phospholipid logo, verified with ORIVO´s proprietary authenticity testing technology. The logo is guaranteeing consumers a phospholipid-based supplement from a marine (krill) source, addressing the challenge with fake supplements containing land-based phospholipid sources, but misleadingly promoted as krill oil.

ORIVO awards diploma NYO3

Altogether, this extraordinary consumer enlightenment from NYO3 has shown profitable and led to outstanding sales numbers for the award winner. Through the year “NYO3 Antarctic krill oil” has for several months been the no 1 selling krill oil brand on China´s largest e-commerce channel, TMALL. Please read more about NYO3 via the ORIVO product certificate page

Congratulations, NYO3!