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Why do omega-3 brands choose not to get certified?

The basic idea behind entering into any given certification is to differentiate from competitors by [...]

Things you should know about the omega-3 industry

  The omega-3 industry has a bright future, but how should end users maneuver in [...]

What is an omega-3 certification?

An omega-3 certification is a quality assurance for both producers and consumers of omega-3. As [...]

Grøntvedt Biotech becomes the first herring oil producer to verify authentic origin with evidence-based transparency from ORIVO

Grøntvedt Biotech has become the first herring oil producer to qualify for ORIVO´s origin certification, [...]

Bioriginal Bringing Evidence-Based Transparency to the Pet Nutrition Industry

Bioriginal is raising the standards for purity, transparency, and sustainability of salmon & pollock oils [...]

FoodCorp sets a new traceability standard for producers of pelagic fishmeal by qualifying for the ORIVO certification

Molde, Norway / Coronel, Chile – 26. September 2022 The Chilean company FoodCorp becomes the [...]

Trade shows in full bloom this spring: A recap from our CEO

“Jeg velger meg april” is a well-known quote from one of Norway´s most respected poets, [...]

Improved DNA-analysis as tool to provide evidence-based transparency in the pet food industry

A sustainable industry with improved DNA-analysis as a tool: The past years has seen sustainability [...]

Authenticity testing of omega-3 supplements – how do we do it

One of ORIVO´s main services is to document the origin of omega-3 supplements, which is [...]

NYO3 granted the ORIVO AWARD for 2021 due to extraordinary consumer enlightenment

“NYO3 Antarctic krill oil” wins the very first ORIVO award for being the most influential [...]