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Laboratory analysis identifies undeclared oils in salmon oil for dogs

During spring 2023 ORIVO conducted an analysis project related to the authenticity of salmon oils [...]

ORIVO honors NYO3 with our Commitment Reward during the “New Nutrition Beyond Limits” event

On May 15th NYO3 held its GLOBAL BRAND CELEBRATION in Oslo. In a prestigious ceremony [...]

How to spot red flags in the omega-3 supply chain

Omega-3 supplements are popular due to their potential health benefits, such as reducing inflammation and [...]

The consumer demands in the omega-3 industry

This year, the omega-3 industry is expected to see a shift in consumer demands, which [...]

How quickly can my omega-3 product get an origin verification from ORIVO?

When the decision getting a product verified is taken, most of the brands we work [...]

These are the different omega-3 certifications

How would you feel if the bread you were eating said gluten free on the [...]

This is how you increase your omega-3 sales with the ORIVO verification program

The key to increase your omega-3 sales today, is to gain consumer trust and act [...]

Biotics Research’s new approach to the omega-3 market – with quality and transparency at its core

  Not all brands qualify for the ORIVO verification Through the ORIVO verification, Biotics Research [...]

Vital Pet Life Takes Traceability To The Next Level By Announcing ORIVO Verification

The ORIVO certification guarantees evidence-based transparency of Vital Pet Life’s Fish Oils Vital Pet Life [...]

What is a high-quality omega-3 product?

Omega-3 fatty acids are crucial for our overall health and wellbeing, so that our bodies [...]