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Norway based Pure Orange omega-3 partner with ORIVO to bring ultimate transparency to end users

Norway-based Pure Orange AS is now launching what its CEO, Kjetil Dahl, describes as «probably [...]

The world´s first krill oil brand with an origin guarantee entering China

PRESS RELEASE: Molde, Norway – April 14th, 2020 The krill oil brand NY-O3 is now [...]

The ORIVO certification invalid for all Aquaomega products!

GOED member ORIVO is the only company in the world to offer producers and brands [...]

BioMar introduces authenticity DNA testing for marine ingredients

The testing platform, developed by Norway-based Orivo in collaboration with BioMar, is based on advanced [...]

ORIVO has entered a strategic collaboration with the world class DNA laboratory PatoGen

The two companies will together develop game-changing analytical tools to the pet food and animal [...]

Cod liver oil: 20 % adulteration

Cod is a large and economically important marine fish. The species Gadus morhua is found [...]

Wild alaskan salmon: 40 % adulteration

Salmon, originally, the large fish now usually called the Atlantic salmon, though more recently the [...]

Enervit becomes italy´s first ORIVO certified omega-3 brand!

The Enervit Group is active in both sports supplements and functional nutrition markets. It carries [...]

Chilean based Newscience becomes the first ORIVO certified omega-3 brand in South America

Chilean based Newscience becomes the first supplement brand in South America to provide certification of [...]

The ORIVO certification finally launched in the US: Biotics Research Corporation becomes the first certified Omega-3 brand owner

Biotics Research Corporation, a company whose motto is “The Best of Science and Nature”, becomes [...]